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The Edinburg Heritage Foundation is a 501(c)3 corporation which was formed in 1991 for the purpose of documenting and preserving the heritage of Edinburg Va. and the Madison District, and to continue to make it a desirable place to live, work and visit. The organization, formed at the St. Paul's UCC Church gathered together an active group of community-spirited Edinburg and county citizens who immediately began work to:

•  Create interest in restoration and preservation of structures in the Town and surrounding areas,
•  Continue to create/maintain the pleasant small Victorian and early 20th century atmosphere of our town & county,
•  Work toward establishing a historic district and get specific structures on the historic register,
•  Get the Town businesses involved in these efforts,
•  Collect historic information of interest and publish a newsletter, and
•  Advertise our goals, disseminate information and cooperate with like-minded groups in the Town and County.

Since that time, the organization has amassed quite a list of accomplishments. Click here to view the list of Foundation accomplishments.

One of the major undertakings of the Foundation has been to save the historic Edinburg Mill. In the year 2000, we entered into a partnership with the Town of Edinburg to accomplish this goal. Through the acquisition of numerous grants, fund-raisers and individual donations, the Mill was purchased and restoration work began. Plan for a Memory Walk in front of the Mill, where patrons could purchase commemorative brick pavers was introduced. The Museum at the Edinburg Mill is now open, and it includes a Transportation Museum, the relocation of the Edinburg/Madison District Museum, Gift Shop, Visitor's Center, banquet rooms, a (future) restaurant space, and an area for a retail shop. Also included in the Museum is a small film theater where "The Burning" is shown on a regular basis. This film is based on the book by John Heatwole and was created and developed by EHF Board Member, James Morris, with the assistance of Hank Zimmerman, for the purpose of making this an integral part of the new Mill museum.

The Mill will continue to be a work in progress and new articles are presented, and exhibits are changed. It is hoped that patrons will come to the Mill often to see what is new and to shop at the Gift Shop. It is the natural place to bring friends when they come for a visit.


A Membership program has been developed that will offer a variety of choices. A membership application form can be downloaded by clicking here, then printing out the form, completing it, and mailing it back to us, with a check.

The Edinburg Heritage Foundation publishes a Newsletter each month that is filled with interesting historical materials.  All members of the EHF, as well as Members of the Friends of the Edinburg Mill receive a copy of the Newsletter, either electronically or by mail.   To see a sample copy of the Newsletter, click here.


The Edinburg Heritage Foundation Newsletter

In 1991, Mary Ann Williamson founded the Edinburg Heritage Foundation. Since that time, she has continued to publish a monthly Newsletter filled with both news about the Town of Edinburg and an eclectic collection of articles, family stories, historical information, memorabilia, local legends and a wealth of informative articles about life in the Valley during the last Century and beyond.

These newsletters are so interesting that many people have collected them for family members to read and reminisce. Many copies are in the Shenandoah Room at the Shenandoah County Library in Edinburg.

The newsletters are distributed to the members of The Edinburg Heritage Foundation and the Friends of the Edinburg Mill. (Membership information is available on this web site.)

For those who have missed these along the way, and for your pure enjoyment, as well as for research information, we are posting those newsletters on this web site. Each year will be a separate .pdf file that you can open and scroll through. You will need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the files. You can obtain the free Adobe Acrobat Reader by clicking here.  (Click on "download Adobe Reader")

To view any particular year, click on the year you wish to view: (this is a work in progress; not all years will be available immediately)  (These are large files so they may take a few minutes to download.)