Saving the Mill.... one brick at a time


A Memory Walk has been created just outside the Mill entrance, and inside the flood wall. The walk contains granite paving stones dedicated to donors or in memory of others as designated by the individual donors. Many businesses have also purchased pavers. Stones may be purchased until the available patio space has been filled.

The Edinburg Heritage Foundation is selling the granite paving stones to be placed in a Memory Walk. The purchase of one of these stones will help with paying the outstanding debt from the restoration of the Mill.






Each paver costs $250 and can include the donor's name or be a memoriam to another. The cost of each stone is tax-deductible, as the Heritage Foundation is a 501(c)3 corporation. The paver measures 4"x8" and will hold up to three lines of text, with 15 spaces per line. A double size paver may also be purchased for double the price. They are being cut and engraved by Rinker & Frye of Mt. Jackson, VA.

An order form for purchasing a stone in the Memory Walk may be obtained by clicking here.